Upon the Hilltop

She was standing there upon the hilltop, the wind blowing through her hair and brushing her long, flowing dress against her legs. She was facing out, watching the grass and flowers sway with the breeze in the valley. That was the moment he realized that he was in love.

He stood a bit behind her and watched as the wind made her long and somewhat curly, sun kissed brown hair dance around her. He never remembered her being this beautiful before. Was it the vibrant colors of the valley against her pale skin? Was it the way her long white dress fluttered around with every breeze that passed by? He was fearful that in this moment, if she were to turn around, her beauty would be so immense that he would cry.

“What are you doing back there?” She asked him sweetly. “It’s gorgeous up here! Come see!”

He smiled to himself and slowly walked to be by her side. That’s where he belonged. He had always been right by her side. But it had always been as her best friend. He had never had feelings of love before this moment. He knew though that he loved her dearly and he wanted to always protect her. Little did he know that she had realized the same thing, that she loved him and wanted to be by his side forever.

He looked out and watched the wind make the grass and flowers dance. He slowly took her hand in his as they watched together. Finally, he turned to look at her, and he was right, the sight of her made him breathless. She was so much more beautiful today. He knew, it was because he realized his feelings this day.

She turned and softly smiled at him.

“Today is perfect. I feel like I could stay right here forever.” She said to him.

“Indeed. Today is more lovely than any day I can remember. And even more so because you are here with me.”

“Leon…”she whispered.

“Ellie, please listen. I need to tell you something.” Leon took both of her hands in his and looked into her chocolate brown eyes.

She looked at him and nodded, giving him her full attention.

“I’ve been by your side for many years now. We have been through so much together. We have fought battles together and for each other as well. I always knew I was meant to be by your side, but it wasn’t until recently that I know that I want to be by your side not only as your friend, but as your husband, if you’ll have me. Ellie, you are everything to me. Will you marry me?”

Tears filled Ellie’s eyes. She had expected that he would be telling her he was going away like most people in her life seemed to do. She hadn’t dared tell him that she loved him for fear that she would confess and he would soon leave after. Her heart was pounding in her chest from love, joy and relief.

“Oh, Leon…I want nothing more. I would gladly be your wife.”

They embraced each other for a while and then sat down on the soft grass, staring down into the valley once again. Ellie rested her head on Leon’s shoulder.

“What a perfect day…”she whispered. “Let’s come here often. Let this be our special place. This spot right here, upon the hill.”

I’m not entirely sure where I want to take this at the moment. I have two thoughts. I was thinking of making this the ending of a story or making it the beginning of a fantasy story with elves and magic and all of that fun stuff. Fantasy is something I’ve never really tried so maybe I’ll give both a shot and see how they turn out. ^_^ Thanks for reading!


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