Without You

You either ignored me
Or teased me cruelly
I could never be open
With you
I tried to love you
Because I was supposed to
But I wasn’t important to you
You never came to see
My successes
In fact
You never even helped pick out things
Like prom dresses
I worked so hard
On things like my art
I wanted to show you
I wanted you to be proud
You never noticed
The only time I was important
Was when you screwed up
You feel bad now
I don’t believe it
You won’t admit it
You only defend your actions
But you were too caught up
In your own little world
You tore ours apart
And left us stranded
That’s not the love
A mother should give
That’s not something
I should have to forgive
I won’t be what you were
I’ll stand much taller
Much stronger
Much smarter
Much more successful
You will watch
While I grow 10 feet fall
Without you
This was somewhat inspired from one of my favorite songs from the ‘Silent Hill’ video game franchise.


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