Video Kid

That’s all you want to do
Wake up
Get up
Sit down
Play a game
Drown yourself
In a world
Not your own
Immerse yourself
Save the king’s throne

You’re a video kidvideo_kid_by_ichinosekotomi-d25od6g
They may laugh
And call you names
But that’s okay
You’ve saved the day
You’re the hero

In another place
You’re a video kid
Of another race

Sometimes you’re human
Sometimes you’re not
Sometimes you’re saving
Sometimes you’re racing
Sometimes you’re building

Video kid
Don’t forget
To smile
You’ve saved your game
Spent another day
Being who you are
And that’s okay
Because you are a
Video kid
The artwork was done by me. It can also be found here on my deviatart profile:

This poem was also partly inspired by a song (I know it’s completely different than what I wrote but it’s what played in my head when I wrote it):  


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