Fear and anguish
Deep inside
I open my eyes
All I can do is cryfood-eggs
I see you there
So hurt
So helpless
So afraid
So in pain
When will this end
Go away
Will there ever be a day?
Sometimes I am so afraid
I won’t be able to keep you safe
From all of the harm
In this world
I try my hardest
But it isn’t always enough
Why does this have to be so damn rough?
These monsters
These poisons
Are silently sneaking everywhere
A constant worry
A constant fear
About everything here


I didn’t get a chance to post a poem for last night, I will do 2 tonight to make up for that. This one I came up with after my son had another allergic reaction to food last night. He is fine, it wasn’t a huge deal this time around, but it has been a bigger issue before and it’s a very scary ordeal. It’s also really rough to find ways around so many different types of allergies. We currently have to avoid dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and bananas. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming.


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