Cat’s Paw Day-February 9th (My Most Wanted Cat Themed Items)

So, I seem to be a day late on all of these fun days, but apparently yesterday (February 9th) was Cat’s Paw Day.  In honor of Cat’s Paw Day, I’ll share some adorable neko related items I’ve found. =^_^= Nyaa~

**This post may contain affiliate links. You can find the disclosure policy here.**

  1. CafeCat– Cute Cat Marshmallow Set
    These adorable cat head and paw shaped marshmallows just go right on top of your favorite hot drink! (Coffee, Hot chocolate, etc.)
  2. I’m A Gray Cat Cute Cat Paw Socks (Gray)
    Because what’s more cute than giving yourself cat paws by wearing comfy socks?!
  3. Nyankies-Cat Mold Shaper and Stamp
    I LOVE to bake, but I love to bake adorable things even more! What’s more fun than Neko shaped cookie cutters? (These are also cheaper than a lot of speciality cookie cutters/stamps! I need these in my life!)
  4. Cat Paw Tong (White)
    What better way to pick up those hot cookies off of the pan than with cat paw tongs? :3
  5. Itazura Cat Coin Bank

    Saving money has never been more adorable! I want one of these so badly, however, I feel I may get nothing done because I’d be putting change in it all day just to watch it.
  6. Glasses Holder NECO DECOLE Cat Eyeglass HolderTPP342
    If you wear glasses, chances are you have the same issue I do. Losing them, misplacing them, dropping them, etc. I would love to set my glasses on something this cute when I take them off to go to sleep every night!
  7. I want to say something Mug Cup –I Like You A Lot (Cat)
    Well, you’re going to need a mug for your drink and cat marshmallows, right?
  8. Lucky Chloe 1/7 TEKKEN BISHOUJO Figure Tekken 7
    I do need another figure for my shelf….She’s absolutely adorable! Plus, you don’t see many figures with cat paws!

I hope you enjoyed the list! I know I’m planning to buy a few of these items for myself!
Happy (late) Cat’s Paw Day!
Thanks for reading!


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