Waifu Wednesday (Taiga Aisaka edition!)

I used to absolutely hate the tsundere type. Every time I watched an anime with a girl that was tsundere they were always a side character (Yes, I know there are plenty with Tsun MC’s but I hadn’t seen them at that point). Being a side character, you don’t get to see that other sweet side of them. When I watched Toradora my opinion of the tsundere type changed completely.

Definition of Tsundere

Taiga Aisaka, also known as the palmtop tiger, is short and full of rage if the wrong thing is said to her. Her fuse is extremely short. I noticed a lot of similarities between Taiga and myself and I think that is part of what made me grow to like her so much. I think that’s another reason I find her to be such a fun and interesting character. However, she is also super sweet and loving to the people closest to her.

Toradora is a fantastic slice of life anime about friendship and love. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It is both dubbed and subbed and the dubbed version was done extremely well in my opinion.

If you missed the last few Waifu Wednesdays, you can find them here and here.

I hope you enjoy the post and I will see you again for Food Friday!


The sweet, sleeping tiger Source


I love her hair in buns like this :3 Source


Tsun in glasses, anyone? Source


I wonder what made her blush Source


Palmtop Tiger Source


Christmas Taiga Source


Winter Taiga Source


I love crossovers! Aisaka Taiga x Hatsune Miku Source


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