Favorite Character

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 2 of my video game challenge! I know that sounds kinda funny to call it, it makes it sound more like I’m playing a different game every day, but it’s actually a different gaming related question every day.

Today’s topic is ‘favorite character’. Now this one is tough because I can find reasons to like many, many characters. This would probably have been a bit easier for me if it had narrowed it down to a console or genre >.< But it did not so…

I’ve played a wide variety of games and I’ve seen so many different and similar characters. This makes it really hard to narrow it down because in so many games you get to see a character grow and learn so much. Seriously, I intended to have this posted by about noon and it’s 9:54 PM because I spent all day trying to decide which character to write about >.<

I also don’t do so great at picking absolute favorites. Every time I post a top 10 list, I always add ‘in no particular order’. So what I will do for this post is just share one character that is among my list of many favorites.


Okay, so I’ve written about Chrono Trigger before, but I did not really talk about a character I felt more strongly toward. The entire cast of the game is fantastic and they all have their own interesting stories, but one character’s that appealed to me a bit more than the others was Frog.

Frog is a knight from the middle ages. He was born a human named Glenn, but was transformed into a frog after witnessing the death of his best friend, the knight, Cyrus.

One reason Frog really appeals to me is that his magical ability is water, which is my favorite element. If I’m giving the choice of magic type in a game I always go with water. He also makes a decent healer in game.

Another reason to admire Frog is that his mission in the game is to avenge Cyrus by killing Magus, the one who killed Cyrus.  However, you can defeat Magus or you can actually recruit him to your team and he becomes a playable character.

The reason I like him the most, though, is that even though he was transformed into a frog, he is still a loyal knight. He is always loyal to the Queen, especially. (I think something was going on there xD at least in the SNES version) And let’s not forget, his theme is awesome!

I just feel that his loyalty as a knight and as a friend make him a very reliable and likeable character despite the fact that he’s a frog and I’m not fond of frogs. Maybe a talking, sword wielding, magic using frog wouldn’t be so bad though.





18 thoughts on “Favorite Character

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    • I feel really silly for forgetting to even mention that! I’ve edited my post to include that. I agree, it was my favorite character theme as well (unless Gato counts haha!)
      Also, thanks for taking the time to read, like and comment ^_^ I really appreciate it!


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