Saddest Scene

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 9 of the video game challenge posts! Today’s topic will be a spoiler no matter what I do. It is ‘saddest scene’.

I honestly haven’t played a whole lot of games that have really sad scenes, but I can think of a few. I actually had 2 come to mind right away but I’ve already talked about Lufia so I’ll go with a different one today.

I think one of the saddest scenes would have to be in Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra.

I really enjoyed the Xenosaga series and I’m really sad that the DS version never came out in North America. I thought the stories and the character development were fantastic and even more so in the end of Xenosaga Episode III.

Through 3 entire games you get to know each character and you get to see each of them grow in their own special way as well as learning about their past to get a better idea of why their growth is such an achievement. And then, you get to watch some of that crumble.

Shion assisted in the creation of the android KOS-MOS and watched KOS-MOS destroy someone very dear to her, but she was willing to try again. After the next attempt of KOS-MOS was successful, Shion bonds so much with KOS-MOS and KOS-MOS grows a great deal as well.

At the end of Episode III you watch as chaos, KOS-MOS and Shion’s brother, Jin risk their lives to save the rest of them.You see KOS-MOS badly damaged and Jin accepting the fate of death. You then see the area where they are explode and you can’t help but to think all of them are gone.

However, during the ending credits, you witness KOS-MOS drifting through space being told that they haven’t finished what they needed to do yet and that she should sleep until the time has come.

I don’t know what’s more sad to me though, that scene where you think they’re gone for good or the part where they give you hope for another game but there isn’t one.

What game do you think had the saddest scenes?


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