A Game I’ve Played More Than 5 Times

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 13 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is to write about a game I’ve played more than 5 times!

So, I’ve played Chrono Trigger more than 5 times for sure, but I won’t write about that one today. Today I will write about Harvest Moon 64. 


Main Character and his dog Source

I absolutely love this game. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy a farming simulator  but I actually found it to be relaxing. I also love that there are a decent variety of girls to choose from that the character can date and marry.

To be able to marry the girl of your choice you have to spend plenty of time with her and bring her the items she enjoys the most. After she has reached the pink heart level, you can use the blue feather to propose, but only if you’ve had house expansions built. After a while your wife will also have a child.


Karen Source

You can raise livestock, sheep and chickens and sell the products they produce. There are contests that you can work hard to win such as horse racing, dog racing, produce contests, etc.

There are festivals as well which are always fun. During one festival, if you’ve built up your alcohol tolerance by drinking at the bar or getting wine from the winery’s barrel in the cellar, you can drink with characters until they’ve had enough and leave.

The personalities of the girls you can woo are interesting too. My favorite Harvest Moon 64 girl is Popuri, but the reason that I’ve played it more than 5 times is because I like seeing the different events between the different girls.


From left to right: Elli, Ann, Maria, Popuri, Karen Source

So if you like simple farming sims or even dating sims (I mean super simple dating sim) then I think you should check it out!


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