Favorite Protagonist

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 18 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘favorite protagonist’.

This one was a bit easier for me because I cut out a lot of protagonists due to the fact that they seemed to just kind of go with the flow of the other team members, party members or characters and to me that’s really boring. As much as I enjoy RPGs, I’m not always a fan of the silent protagonist or not being able to make a decision myself from a few options.

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My favorite protagonist right now would have to be Yu Narukami from the Persona 4 series. I really enjoyed him in Persona 4 Golden because the response choices given for him seemed to have a lot more personality to them than many other games that I have played. I’ve read things that say he has less personality in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden than the characters in Persona 3 but after playing a pit of Persona 3, myself, I disagree. Not only that though, he was a leader and he didn’t seem to be cocky about it. He just wanted to protect people and solve the problem facing the town of Inaba.

I also like the social links that can be built with Yu and the response choices you get to do that. Even more so, I really enjoy that Yu can create close bonds not only with friends but with his Uncle Dojima as well as his cousin Nanako who later refers to Yu as ‘big bro’.


Yu and Nanako Source

I also really enjoyed him in Persona 4: Dancing All Night because I got to hear him actually speak much more than in P4G and he was very energetic, high spirited and encouraging. On top of that, he was willing to dive right back into trouble to save innocent people from being hurt.


Yu in Persona 4: Dancing All Night Source

There isn’t really a whole lot I can say without giving away spoilers and that’s not really what I want to do in this post!


Yu with Yukiko, Rise, Chie, and Naoto Source

Who is your favorite video game protagonist?

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