Game With The Best Story

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 21 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘game with the best story’. (Sorry this one is a day late >.< I was really not feeling well yesterday D: )

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There are many games that have fantastic stories but I think one that has really caught my attention lately is Persona 4 Golden developed and published by Atlus for the Playstation Vita.

P4G was recommended to me by a friend. She and I have a lot of the same interests so I figured why not? I rented it from Gamefly (I’ve since bought it from them), charged up my Vita that hadn’t been used in so long and started the game up!


The main protagonist (Yu Narukami), Marie and Nanako Dojima Source

In P4G you have just transferred schools and are staying with your Uncle Dojima and little cousin, Nanako for a while in the small town of Inaba. During your stay, strange things start happening and people are dying and disappearing. You and your friends wonder if this is connected to the rumor that says that if someone looks at a TV screen at midnight on a night when it is raining, the face of your soul mate will appear. You and your friends must get together and gather the strength and courage to delve into the TV world to find out what all of this is really about.


Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi Source

I was blown away. I was amazed by just how many people you could interact with on a deeper level as you got to know more about them using ‘social links’. Not only that though, the way it incorporates the darkness that people hide away within themselves was phenomenal. This game also kept me guessing who the true villain was for so long.

However, one of my most favorite things about the game was that despite whatever was going on, the group of friends, also known as the Investigation Team, manage to keep each other in good spirits and can remain humorous throughout the game, keeping it from being too dark.


Rise Kujikawa A.K.A. Risette Source

I can’t say too much because I don’t want this to be a spoiler post and I’m working on a review for it as well, but I would say that yes, Persona 4 Golden is by far one of my favorite video game stories.


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Bonus! Figures! :3


Bathing Suit Chie from JList (NSFW)


Idol Rise from Persona 4: Dancing All Night from JList (NSFW)


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