A Game Sequel That Disappointed Me

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 22 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘a game sequel that disappointed me’.

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Generally I have a very open mind when it comes to anime, manga, books, games, etc. I’ll give it a shot if someone says it’s good (unless it’s something that’s just beyond my skill level like Call of Duty or something). However, there is one sequel that popped right into my head when I saw this: Chrono Cross.

Serge and Lynx 

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed it as a game for the most part. However, I bought this game before I owned a computer and had internet and all of that fun stuff (man, I sound old). So, obviously I picked it up going, “Oh! A Chrono Trigger sequel!”. It is considered the successor to Chrono Trigger but not a sequel. There are connections to Chrono Trigger within it such as characters that are related to characters from the Chrono Trigger world, Termina still exists, and a few CT characters are also mentioned or show up as non-playable characters and other connections as well but I was just excited think I would get to play as the same group of characters. (Silly me!)

Kid and Leena

The game did really, really well but honestly, aside from being disappointed that it wasn’t a direct sequel to CT, I was a bit overwhelmed by two things.

  1. The amount of characters
    There are 45 possible party members and you CANNOT get them all in one play through. 45 is a lot. To me, that’s absolutely insane. Maybe that’s just me though.
  2. The lack of leveling up through experience points
    In Chrono Cross there is a stamina bar for your attack. Each attack or use of stamina will take a different amount of stamina and if you run out of stamina during that turn you will have to rebuild it by blocking or while other characters are taking their turns in battle. You can raise your stats a bit but once you’ve hit a max limit you can’t raise your stats again until you beat a boss. You can also increase some of your stats with armor and weapons, but basically, you only level up when you beat a boss. This made it extremely difficult for me to be able to get through a lot of areas in this game because I play for the story and I’m not very good with stats.

What game sequel disappointed you?


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**Sources for the pictures are linked to the characters names underneath them**



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