Favorite Classic Game

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 24 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘favorite classic video game’.

If you’ve been following these posts, you might already know that my favorite classic game is Chrono Trigger.


Marle, Lucca, Crono, Frog, Magus, Ayla and Robo Source

This is the first RPG that I can remember playing. I fell in love with everything about it. The music, the story, and the characters. I’ve played it more times than I can count and I own it on multiple consoles as well. It’s a game I will never tire of.


Lucca, Marle, Crono Source

Chrono Trigger is a wonderful RPG about friendship, responsibility and time travel. Within the game there are many decisions made and even some sacrifices which makes the story even more enthralling. Even more so is being able to change the course of history in order to save the world. I won’t give too much away here since I’ve already written about it. But if you are ever looking for a great classic RPG to play, Chrono Trigger is the way to go!


Crono, Frog, Lucca Source

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