Game With the Best Voice Acting

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 26 of the video game challenge! (Almost there!) Today’s challenge is ‘game with the best voice acting’. (I’ll be talking about English voice acting)

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This is another one I thought about all day. I had a few in mind but then each of those had some characters that I thought had horrible voices (English versions). I finally settled on a game I’ve already talked about a time or two and that’s Persona 4 Golden.

The voice acting in this game just flowed so smoothly. Every character’s voice fit them perfectly. The voice actors really gave the characters an extra push when it comes to personality. (Sadly, I can’t find any videos that don’t spoil parts of the game ●| ̄|_ ) Typically, people will cringe at English voice acting in anime or games that are more of a Japanese style such as RPGs. I can understand that, I’ve heard my share of horrible voice acting (Little Busters dub was not my cup of tea).

Which game do you think had the best voice acting? Let me know here or on facebook!

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