Minori stared thoughtfully at the letter she had found on her door when she arrived home after a busy day of work.

“I wonder what this is…” she mumbled to herself. She sat down on her bed with the letter in hand. A fluffy white cat jumped in her lap. “Do you know anything about this, Cho?” she asked stroking the cat. The cat just purred and rubbed up against her hand.

Minori turned the envelope around and slowly opened it. She pulled out a piece of stationary designed with cupcakes all around the border. This is….cute she thought to herself. The handwriting on the note was elegantly written.

You may not believe, but understand.
Magic is real.
We need you.
You possess the powers of a magical girl.
Save us.

She chuckled out loud, startling Cho. “What an absolute joke! Who let this idiot in the apartment complex, anyway?”

She made herself a cup of tea and then sat down at her computer. After typing and editing for several hours she looked at her clock and noticed it was well past 2 AM. Sigh. “I should really get some sleep…”

Just then, she heard a soft tap on her door. She hurried to go answer it but no one was there. She noticed another note on her door. “This again…”

She sat down to open the new letter.

You can save us.
You must meet the others.
Please believe.

“What the hell is this?! Where are these stupid letters coming from?!” She threw the letter down on the floor in disgust. “It’s 2 in the morning, I swear if I get another one of these damn things I’m contacting the police.”

That night, she dreamed of magical girls and magical things. She dreamed of battling monsters with a group of friends. When she awoke, she felt as though she’d made a strong bond with someone she didn’t know. When she got up to make breakfast she noticed another letter had been slid under her door.

This is…!? Another letter! Maybe this is true after all….This is so strange…


I decided to step out of my comfort zone tonight, normally I would have written about something more love related like secret admirers and such. I really enjoy magical girl type anime and had just watched a few episodes of one when I thought I’d give writing about magical girls a go. I know it’s not fantastic but, I gave it a shot ^_^
Also, the character pictured is my Final Fantasy XIV character, Minori.
Thanks for reading!


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