Magical Girl Monday

I was originally going to do Moe Monday but I decided that everyone kind of has a different idea of what qualifies as moe so it might be sort of hard. Then I decided that there are plenty of magical girl anime out there and that would be a great choice alongside megane and maids!

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Now I haven’t seen a whole lot of magical girl anime but I can say that my favorites at the moment would be Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, and Magical Project S. I’m currently watching Yuki Yuna is a Hero so we’ll see if that changes anything. ^.^


I felt that this picture would be best to start off this post with since Easter is this weekend ^.^ Source

I hope you enjoyed the post! What are your favorite magical girl anime? Who are your favorite magical girls? Let me know in the comments! ^.^

Also, if you like magical girls J-List has a bunch of fantastic magical girl products so feel free to check it out! (It is a NSFW site though!)

Thanks for reading!


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