Screenshot From Current Game I’m Playing

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 15 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is another really short one as you can tell by the title. It’s ‘Post a screenshot from the current game you’re playing’. I’ll post a few screenshots though ^_^ I’m playing a few games but the game I’m into the most right now is Persona 3 Portable developed by Atlus and published by Atlus in JP and NA. My current and first playthrough is as the female protagonist who I’ve named Minori. I plan to do a playthrough again when I’m finished as the male protagonist though!

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Sadly, after writing this intro I found out that this game does not allow me to save screenshots and I don’t want to take a poor quality photo, so I’ll give you some screenshots of the game I most recently finished, Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night was developed by Atlus and Published by Atlus in JP and NA and published by NIS America in EU and by Bandai Namco Entertainment in AUS. I’ve played a few rhythm games and this one is by far my favorite because I can keep up with it. I’m not very good at rhythm games but this one had an easy mode, medium mode, hard mode and dancing all night mode (basically extreme). On top of that, when trying to complete the trophies from the free dance mode, you can use items to help you and I was able to get my first platinum trophy with this game! (Sorry, usually trophies are a little past my skill level!)


My favorite P4 girl in my favorite outfit dancing to my favorite song with my favorite colored glasses :3 (Yukiko Amagi)


Most songs you can pick a partner and their outfit and accessories as well!


Keep an eye out for my review of Persona 4: Dancing All Night review that will be posted soon!


**All pictures are in game screenshots taken by me

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