Happy Miku Day! 3/9

Today is known as Miku day because 3 (さん-san) and 9 (く-Ku, or きゅう-Kyuu) can be joined together to spell ‘Miku’ or ‘Sankyuu’ which sounds a bit like ‘Thank you’.

In honor of Miku Day I’ll share a few of my favorite Hatsune Miku songs with you!


(Some of them will be with other Vocaloids as well ^^ and there will be a mix of happy and sad songs)

  1. 【Luka & Miku】 Suki Kirai 【VOCALOIDカバー】

  2. [Miku Hatsune & Takebo3] Glad You’re A Lolicon ろりこんでよかった [English Subtitles]

  3. Hatsune Miku – Personality Complex (ペルソナリティ・コンプレックス)

  4. 【Hatsune Miku English】Goodbye【Vocaloid Song】

  5. Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) – Chocolat


  7. 【VOCALOID Anime PV】Miku Hatsune, Megurine Luka & Sasume Zimi「Reboot」

    An English Cover of this song can be found here

  8. [Miku] Can’t I Even Dream? 夢見てもいいじゃないの [English subs]

  9. [Hatsune Miku Anime PV] Viva Happy “ビバハピ” feat. 初音ミク

  10. 【調教すげぇ】初音ミク『FREELY TOMORROW』(完成)【オリジナル曲 歌詞付】: Mitchie M

In all honesty, my favorite Vocaloid is Megurine Luka but there are many songs by other vocaloids that I enjoy very much as you can see by this list of Miku songs ^.^ I do enjoy many more songs done with the Hatsune Miku vocaloid so this is just a short list. I hope to share some more of my favorites with you in the future!

Thanks for reading (and watching!)


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