A Game I Plan to Play

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 25 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘a game I plan to play’.

I have been waiting since E3 last year to play this one and it’s already been released in Japan as Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna (いけにえと雪のセツナ) in February 2016 on the PS4 and PS Vita and will be released internationally July 19th 2016 as I Am Setsuna for the PS4 and PC via Steam.

I Am Setsuna is an RPG developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix.

The reason I’m so excited for this game is that when it was announced it was described as a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger. I understand that this does not mean sequel, however, they used the gameplay style from Chrono Trigger which is one thing I enjoyed about the game. Aside from that, it looks beautiful and the story seems like it will be interesting as well.

 Frigid island that has been closed to the snow. In the land that is plagued by monster damage, has been transmitted is a custom to quell the demons devoted sacrifice since ancient times.

However, in recent years, demon of movement becomes active, people decide to make a sacrifice and without waiting for a year for the next ritual.

Name of …… chosen girl, Setsuna. She along with the escort team, journey to be subjected to the ritual “the farthest land of” -.


That sounds like an amazing story to me. It actually reminds me of Final Fantasy X to an extent. I’m really excited for it because it’s been awhile since I’ve played an RPG that really gripped me and pulled me in. There have been games I’ve played that I’ve enjoyed like Persona 4 and it was great for a modern game but I want that nostalgic feel that I Am Setsuna is going for.

The only thing I’m a bit upset about is that it is not getting a PS Vita release outside of Japan, which isn’t a huge deal because it will also be out on PS4 and Steam and I would have chosen the PS4 but it’s download only. There will be no physical discs with the international English release. My PS4 is full and I don’t want to buy hard drive after hard drive to be able to play games that are download only. However, I guess the benefit is that it’s much easier to take screenshots on a PC.

What games are you planning to play, or really looking forward to?


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